Thursday, August 8, 2013

Three (Favorite) Things Thursday

Here are some of my favorite summer running essentials:

Newton Gravity Neutral Performance Trainer

Newton Gravity
Summer running and summer shoe line-up.

Last year I started running with Newton Lady Isaacs and loved them!  This spring I graduated to Newton Gravity Neutral Performance Trainer for my 1/2 leading to full marathon training.  Supportive and light, the Lady Isaacs were a great introduction to the Newton running experience. Even before getting my Newton Lady Isaacs, I was not a heel striker so the transition was pretty easy. By keeping some simple tips in mind including an athletic stance, efficient cadence and "land, lever, lift" and starting out slowly as recommended, I had no pain or problems.  When it was time to get a new pair of running shoes, I opted for the Newton Gravity Neutral Performance Trainer -- this shoe is great as a daily running shoe, providing support and structure and also performs superbly for faster tempo-pace runs or races. For me Newtons make running feel easier and more efficient. I feel I have a more natural form resulting in a more efficient run with less stress (and hopefully) no injuries...we'll see if the efficiency also translates into quicker race times:)

Darn Tough Run/Bike Socks

Darn Tough Run/Bike Socks
Darn Tough Run/Bike Socks

You can have the best running shoes with the right fit, but without good socks, you're likely to still have problems. I have a pair of Darn Tough ski socks and love them, so I was psyched when they sent me two pairs of their running socks to try - one in Merino wool and the other in Coolmax. Both super comfortable with a great fit and feel, no rubbing and no slipping - these have become my go-to socks for running this summer!

...miles and miles (and miles) of blister-free bliss. Feel the difference of feeling nothing at all.

Adidas Adizero Prescription Sunglasses from ADS Sports Eyewear

Adidas Adizero prescription sunglasses from ADS
Photos of me wearing my prescription sunglasses from ADS, courtesy of Midwest Mutlisport Life.

It's been a couple months since I received my Adidas Adizero Prescription Running Sunglasses from ADS Sports Eyewear. I love them and pretty much wear them all the time! Running, driving the car, at the beach, if I'm not wearing my regular eyeglasses, my new prescription sunglasses are on. They're light, stay put and provide great protection from sun and wind. Start to finish, ADS was great to work with: "Try Before You Buy" is brilliant, removing the worry about ordering online, quick shipment and order fulfillment, and prescriptions in pretty much any eyeglass you can think of, including notoriously difficult Oakley Prescription Sunglasses. We're planning on working together in the near future, when I get my first pair of prescription ski goggles!

Disclaimer: These items were provided as media samples for review purposes.

What are your summer running essentials?

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  1. I am loving my Altras and Mizuno Sayonaras this summer. also just running early in the morning in general :)


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