Thursday, September 5, 2013

Three Things Thursday

We had been trying to potty train Little A all summer, but no success.  So when we went to the pediatrician, she said to simply back off.  Three weeks later - guess what?  On his own he started using his toilet.  The diaper has been on and off since then, but I think we'll just back off again and hopefully soon we can ditch the diapers for good!

potty training
12 years of diapers...hopefully finished soon:)

Since ZOOMA Chicago I haven't been consistent with my running.  I blame it on work, family and anything else I can think of but really it's just laziness.  My husband and I are still planning a fall (maybe early winter) marathon, so no more excuses.  Starting today, back to my training plan and next week - maybe some crossfit...

keep calm and cross fit
Keep calm and crossfit

My sister, who loves fermentation and writes about it at The Fermentary, has been brewing kombucha for many years.  Recently while Kelly and I were on a run she mentioned she would like to try brewing some kombucha.  My sister has a ton of SCOBYs (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast), so I hooked her up.  When I got them for Kelly, I also kept one for myself.  I brewed some sweet green tea and another baby is a couple days I should have my first batch of kombucha - stay tuned for updates.

kombucha tea
Mother and baby SCOBYS

What's your favorite fermented food?

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