Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday Training

Well not exactly training, but I'm running more consistently again:)  Soon after ZOOMA Chicago, my work schedule picked up, and since I work early mornings, my running suffered.  I've made it a priority again and gained energy and (some) needed stress relief.  I had a nice long(er) run on the weekend plus two shorter runs during the week pushing Little A.  He loves going to the park, so we try to stop at parks during the runs.  Here's a little clip of him running around the block before playing on the jungle gym...I love the little hop in his run:)

We do have one more "race" this year - our local Thanksgiving 5k, but this is a fun run with family and friends.

Have any races before the new year?

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  1. I've had the worst time this year mixing work and running, and that stinks bc I definitely feel better when I run more frequently. Glad you've been able to get in some runs.

    I've got a 30k in a couple weeks (keep asking myself why I do this to myself), I'm doing a Turkey Trot with friends on thanksgiving, an 8 hr adventure race in December, and a 7.5 mi trail race. Lol. My race schedule is always backloaded for the second half.

  2. He does have the cutest little hop! I've committed to nothing else this year, however there may be a 5k this weekend and probably a turkey trot. I've got a couple things on tap for next year, which is coming fast!


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