Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Running Along Portland's Riverfront

Portland running
Running along the Willamette River

Kovas and I had the pleasure of attending the Wine Tourism Conference in Portland this past week.  We had some great meals and drank a lot of great wine - to make up for it, we walked to our dinners and ran 2 of 4 mornings -- not bad :).  The multi-use path that we ran on along the river and bridges was beautiful, but definitely more heavily used by bicyclists.  Pretty cool seeing so many cyclists commuting to work...

No other city in the United States has more cyclists per capita, and no other town has a coffee shop like Fresh Pot, which boasts 25 chairs and parking for 26 bicycles. We have trains of elementary-school bike commuters, and we have Move By Bike, a relocation-company that trundles couches across town on overstacked bike trailers (bicycling.com).

Do you run on vacation or use it as an excuse to rest?

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  1. The second day's run, with no bikes, was infinitely more pleasant

  2. I ran that route while at the Wine Tourism Conference too! It was a beautiful spot for a run and much needed after all the good food and wine.


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