Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tevasphere: Live Better Stories

Tevasphere - Live Better Stories
Tevashpere - Live Better Stories

Some months ago Kovas and I were super fortunate to receive some Tevasphere trail shoes, a Tevasphere tech tee, a GoPro camera and a Camelbak hydration pack from Teva.  It all came with the directions to "live better stories."  And so we have - from mountains to beaches and everything in between, we've been using our trail shoes, tech tees, Camelbaks and GoPros outdoors - enjoying more time as a family and exploring new places and activities.

Get out, do more - these are my plans for the New Year and beyond.
Camping, kayaking, geocaching, hiking, swimming, skiing and more -
live better stories!

Disclaimer:  these products were sent to us for review purposes.

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  1. It was a good year for doing things as a family, glad we're both on board for next year!

  2. Happy New Year! Hope you have another great one!


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