Wednesday, January 8, 2014


What a way to end the holiday break -- another 2 days off from school.  Usually this would mean a fun day in the snow, but not this time!  We were couped up inside due to -30 wind chill (polar vortex anyone?).  After many hours of legos, chess, building forts and running wild, what else can 4 kids (and their parents) come up with?

Other fun ideas - leaving a raw egg, shell intact outside to freeze and blowing bubbles...

What's your favorite thing to do on a super chilly day?

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  1. Best plan for a chilly day: eat a hearty lunch, take a nap, then watch a movie with the kids :)

  2. I think that POLAR VORTEX is such an odd term, but so much better than saying BLAME IT ON CANADA! Enjoy the days off.

  3. Yep! We did that too! Kind of had too, right?


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