Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Zero With a Chance of Windchill

My kids' school has a rule of thumb, if it's above zero with windchill, the children go out for recess.  I figure if the kids can do it, so can I. :)  If it's above zero with windchill, I head out for my run.  The past couple of weeks though my running has been sporadic due to the polar vortexes (vortices?) the midwest is experiencing.  Not only is it too cold (for me), but the kiddos have been home from school also which makes it even harder to get out for my run.  What makes it even more of a bummer is that our treadmill conked out last spring and we don't currently belong to a gym…

Funny how excited we get, especially me, when the outside temp is zero or above.  I have really enjoyed strapping on my yaktrax and crunching through the snow.  Dressed appropriately only my nose, cheeks and toes get a little cold sometimes - time to get some thicker taller socks and a face mask.

Getting out for that run makes the day so much better :)

How cold is too cold to run outside?

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  1. You've been awesome about getting out!

  2. Good for you for getting out! That is a good rule! I have been excited when it's above 0, too! I will go out in any temp to workout, but didn't when it was so cold last month because I was recovering from being sick and thought that would be a bad decision.

  3. Um, let's compare that to wimpy Maryland. If its' below freezing, they don't go out for recess. Drives me crazy! I will go out in any temperature, but will admit that around here, our coldest morning temps rarely go below the teens and even those are few and far between.


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