Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ready to Train for a Marathon?

Hansons marathon training
One of our marathon training plan choices...

Kovas and I have decided we are going to run a marathon this fall.  If you are considering your first marathon as well (first for me, not for Kovas), here are some questions from Active.com to ask yourself:

Have you been running consistently for at least a year?
Have you knocked out a half marathon or two?
Can your lifestyle support it?
Are you currently injured?
Does the increased risk of aggravation/injury give you pause?
Do you really want this?

If the majority of your answers to the questions above is yes, then perhaps you are ready.  What next?  You need to choose a marathon and a training plan.  We're at this stage now.  We know we want a fall marathon, so of the handful we're considering, there's just a couple weeks difference.  Now what training plan should we follow -- HansonsRunner's WorldNike's Chicago Marathon plan?  These are some we are thinking about - I'm going to compare and contrast and report back. :)

What's your favorite marathon plan and why?

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