Thursday, March 27, 2014

Three Things Thursday

snack challenge
Survivor Snack Challenge sponsored by Whole Foods 

As part of National Nutrition Month, our Healthy Kids Committee at my kids' school is having a "Survivor Snack Challenge" this week.  Sponsored by Whole Foods, the challenge is to try 6 new healthy/healthier foods.  Foods include jicama, mango, fizzy water, coconut milk, coconut rolled dates and edamame.  The kids are having a blast -- and it's fun to watch some of their reactions.

fiddler crab
One of Tazer's fiddler crabs, "Crabette" 

Since our dogs and cat passed, the only little critters left in the house are crabs.  Gaigai has hermit crabs and Tazer has fiddler crabs (and just recently added shrimp to his tank).  Despite having to be reminded occasionally to clean and feed the crabs, they both have done a great job taking care of their crabs. :)  As for getting more dogs, for now we have decided to hold off.  Gaigai was really pushing for dogs but lately has been incessantly asking for bunnies...

Good luck to all those running the Shamrock Shuffle this weekend!  Come see us at the ZOOMA booth at packet pick-up!

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