Thursday, March 20, 2014

Year of the Marathon

Fall marathon options
On a whim yesterday, Kovas put our names in the lottery for the Chicago Marathon.  We've talked about different fall marathons, so not a total whim.  My plan was to run a marathon before I turned 40 (last year), but with work and life my training kind of dwindled after ZOOMA Chicago.   I've also been running consistently during the winter and will be  ramping up my miles and adding a long run starting this weekend.  While we're waiting, we are considering other marathons, including the North Face Endurance Challenge in Madison.  I ran the half there two summers ago and Kovas the 50k, so we are familiar with the super hilly terrain which makes for a more interesting, but obviously more difficult race.  For now we'll continue to explore our options and wait to see if our names get pulled on April 14th. :)

What is your favorite Midwest fall marathon?

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  1. Ooo! I am excited you are doing one this year! Chicago or NFEC would be great. MKE is my fave marathon out here! :)

  2. Chicago is awesome (if you get in and if the weather cooperates). My favorite has to be Grand Rapids. I've run twice and it was small, scenic and fantastic.

  3. I like Fox Cities Marathon in Appleton, WI. Such a well run, smaller fall marathon.

    North Face is awesome though. Can't beat that scenery!


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