Thursday, June 19, 2014

How to Save Money When Buying Organics

We try to eat organic as much as possible, and we're always looking for ways to save on the grocery bill.  Surprisingly we've found that we can actually save money by shopping at Whole Foods - key is to stay in the bulk section.

Bulk section at our local WF
Here are some price comparisons (WF vs Jewel or Trader Joe's) on items we buy:

Organic bulk oats - $1.69/lb vs $6.99/lb
Organic bulk spices - prices vary, but saving are significant!
Organic raw sunflower seeds for sunflower butter - $3.69/lb vs $9.99/lb.  This one takes a little work - here's my organic sunflower seed butter recipe.

Trick is to stay in the bulk aisle. :)

Have any tips on saving money when buying organics?

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