Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday Training - Week 4 Marathon Training

Park break during a morning stroller run :)
Here's how last week shaped up in preparation for the ZOOMA Chicago half marathon in August and the North Face Endurance Challenge Marathon in September:
Tuesday:  7 miles
Weds: 2 miles (was planning to run an additional 3 in the evening, but didn't)
Thursday:  3 miles (make-up from Weds) with stroller and stop at the park for Little A to play
Friday: 4 miles as planned with stroller and a stop at the park for Little A
Sunday: 7 miles

23 miles total!  As always I'm being flexible with my training.  It has been working out well - sticking to the weekly miles (I feel like if I skip one run, I'm more likely to skip more) and running with the stroller with a stop at the park for Little A to play -- flexiblity and family time!

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