Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday Training - Week 7 TNFEC Marathon Training

Here's how week 7 shaped up in preparation for the ZOOMA Chicago half marathon in August and the North Face Endurance Challenge Marathon in September:

Indiana Dunes State Park run
Indian Dunes State Park trail run
Monday:  planned - 7 miles; knees a little sore, decided to delay my run
Wednesday:  planned - track workout, instead made up 7 miles from Monday;  I ran the first 4 miles solo, then finished last 3 with the kiddos.  We ran to the park (older 3 ran, Little A on his scoot bike), stopped for a park break and some hill running and then home.
Thursday: track work out with the kiddos;  Kids biked to the the track then played ball while I did my track repeats.

Indiana Dunes State Park
Indiana Dunes State Park - loops 10 and 8

Friday:  almost 6 1/2 mile trail run at the Dunes;  Kovas planned out our run - loops 10 and 8 not knowing that it included their "3 Dune Challenge," but we decided to do it anyways.  We started out through the woods then looped back on the beach and then up and through the dunes.  This was super hilly and tough - we'll have to bring the kiddos back for the Challenge.

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