Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday Training - Week 10 of the North Face Endurance Challenge Marathon Training

Here's how the redo of week 10 shaped up in preparation for the ZOOMA Chicago half marathon in August and the North Face Endurance Challenge Marathon in September:

Tuesday:  planned 7, actual 6.5;   

Thursday:  planned 9, actual 9;  Once again in Michigan along the lakefront - somehow the miles go a little easier here...

Michigan lakeshore
Michigan lakeshore

Sunday:  planned 16, actual 4.5; I was planning to finish up the miles in the evening, but I got lazy and hung out with the family instead.

I'm struggling with the long runs, mentally more so than physically...any advice?

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  1. Break up those long runs in your head. Start with a base of 10. After 10, stop, reload your water/fuel, etc. Then look at the remaining as just that. Forget about the 10 already done. Pretend you're starting fresh again. So a 10k and/or a 5k or another 10 miler. Just do it. : )


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