Friday, August 29, 2014

Banilla Ice

banilla ice
"Banilla Ice"
Our kids go through banana eating phases - sometimes they eat a banana a day, other times they go for days without eating one.  So when they're eating a lot, I buy a lot - but if they don't eat them and the bananas start turning brown - what to do?  Peel them and stick them in the freezer.  A couple nights ago, Gaigai made "banilla ice" with some frozen bananas.  Super simple and delicious -- and healthier than store bought ice-cream.  Here's how:


6 frozen bananas


1 tsp vanilla
touch of salt

Continue to puree, if too thick, add
splash of almond milk

Drizzle with chocolate an enjoy!  You can also add some cocoa powder to make chocolate banilla ice.

Sorry if you have the "Vanilla Ice, Ice Baby!" song in your head....

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  1. Yeah, thanks, I'll have this song in my head for a week now! ha! This sounds easy and good! Thanks!

  2. One of my favorite treats... and you can vary the flavor with berries, or other fruit, too. Also cocoa, nut butters and/or cinnamon!


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