Thursday, September 4, 2014

Three Things Thursday

Little A
Little A after his first day of preschool

Little A was excited to go to preschool today -- I'm so happy, this is a big change from last year!  Goes to show that each child develops on their own schedule.  With him being the youngest of four and last for us, I was in no hurry to put him in a true structured preschool.  Glad we didn't push's so difficult when the teachers have to pry a child away from you:(

Endurance - Virgil
Trying to build up my mental endurance...

I was contemplating dropping down from marathon to the half or relay for next weekend.  Luckily someone with a lot of marathon experience advised me to get at least a 16 mile run in before the weekend and that should suffice.  I've been running pretty consistently, just not getting in my really long distances (in other words - no 20, 18 or 16s).  Yesterday I made it my goal to run 16 and I did.  Part of it I ran with Little A and stopped briefly at parks along our route which made it much more fun and pleasant.  So I'm feeling a bit more confident - plus I'm hoping the beautiful scenery will help make the miles go by easier!

The North Face Endurance Challenge

If you're looking for something to do next weekend - check out the North Face Endurance Challenge in Madison, WI!  They have everything from kids races to ultras.  Super well run, beautiful location and with promo code D30LPWI (all caps), you receive 15% any distance.

Looking for something to do next weekend?  

Check out 

the North Face Endurance Challenge  -  Madison, WI 

use D30LPWI (all caps) for 15% off any distance

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